Teacher Support Network

Core to CS4NC’s mission is helping to broaden participation in computer science by supporting computer science teachers.   As many teachers begin their CS teaching careers, one of the most important shifts in teacher pedagogy is recognizing that computer science is a very collaborative domain, and there is no expectation in the field that one person knows all the answers.

To support in-service teachers who are actively teaching computer science classes or integrating computer science into other domains, CS4NC is launching the Teacher Support Network.  Initially, this support will be in the form of regularly scheduled “Virtual Help Desk” sessions.  Beginning November 2nd, 2021, the CS4NC team will host 2 weekly virtual help desks: Tuesday afternoons at 4:00pm and Thursday evenings at 8:00pm.

Each session is an unscripted opportunity for teachers to ask questions related to teaching computer science, including but not limited to

  • Teaching strategies
  • Specific computer science topics
  • Pesky debug issues
  • Curriculum resources or ideas

The virtual sessions can be joined via Zoom at http://go.ncsu.edu/getCShelp.