Computer Science for All Students in NC


“CS4NC will expose all students, especially female and underrepresented minority students, to the opportunities that exist within the computer science field. This is a very important initiative for the 100 counties here in North Carolina.”
– Jerry Fralick, Former CIO, State of North Carolina


“Our children are growing up in a technology and internet-driven world. Software is and will continue to be integral to every aspect of their lives, and we must think of Computer science is the new literacy.”
– Anil C., Founder, Archive Social


“I shouldn’t be the only woman in the room. We need more Computer Scientists and CS4NC will make this a reality.” – Varsha C., Senior Systems Engineer, SAS


“I learned to code when I was 10 and have created games and apps and built my own PC. And I’m only 13. Watch me fly.” - Daniel E., Student


“CS4NC can lift our students out of poverty.” - Russel P., Instructor, CS4NC


“Teachers are on the frontline in developing our future workforce that will use today’s emerging technology, like intelligent automation and analytics, over the next decade to help build a better working world.” - Chris Estes, former North Carolina Secretary and State CIO


“Computer Science is the future.” - Amit R.


“CS4NC will keep our students current and guarantee that they will not fall behind in technology skills.” - Valerie M. Teacher, Cumberland County


“(This program will) make them college and career ready with more options and choices for success.” - Mazie Q. Teacher, Hoke County


“CS4NC will provide exploration for our students in areas that they have not been exposed, in addition to, providing students future employment options.” - Sabrina B., Teacher, Hyde County


“The CS4NC initiative will impact students’ lives by giving them hope for a brighter future.” - Ana B. Teacher, Hoke County


“CS4NC will impact students' lives by introducing students to a problem- solving process that is closely aligned to the real- world problems they will encounter in their future.” - Tammie B. Teacher, Wake County


“Computer Science could move us to be leaders in the world of technology and to compete in the global world. I believe this could be our fast track!” - Kay R., Teacher, Moore County


“CS4NC is pioneering a culture change on education, by providing an innovative way of teaching to the new generation of students, using learner friendly tools that will allow students to see the benefits of CS” - Pedro B., Teacher, Durham County

3,200 New CS Teachers

As part of the growing national movement to bring computer science education to K-12 schools, the CS4NC initiative will:

  • Expand computer science opportunities in all NC K-12 Schools
  • Support and inspire students in Computer Science across North Carolina
  • Help students understand the impact of computer science on our society
  • Create a larger, more diversified hi-tech workforce for the future
  • Inspire entrepreneurship through creative thinking
  • Share ownership of student success with individuals, communities and businesses

Taking Ownership

Tom Looney


Education changes people’s lives. It is the one great equalizer in life.

Today, we are faced with a growing tech skills shortage and lack of diversity in the workforce while other states are moving forward. CS4NC (Computer Science for North Carolina) will transform education and lives throughout North Carolina. Students in all 100 counties will benefit from Cherokee to Dare. We must provide our students with the necessary skills to compete in a tech enabled economy. To accomplish this initiative, we are building a collaborative team that includes individuals, businesses, government, and local communities to tackle this from a different direction, allowing everyone to take ownership of our students’ success.

North Carolina has always taken on aspirational ideas and made these bold initiatives a reality. You only have to look at the State University system, Research Triangle Park, or the Community College system to recognize the bold history of leadership in our State. I believe that CS4NC will prove to be just as transformational. . . .

Changing People’s Lives

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